David and Easy together

Thanks to everyone who was rooting for this lioness from a circus in Colombia and lion from a circus in Peru to find companionship together at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. We think you will agree that this is the very definition of a very handsome couple!

Watch the moment when we really knew that David and Easy would make it as companions at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s not very good phone footage but captures a key interaction after we had united them. After being brought together we had then released them into the main, almost 4-acre, Camo Habitat. They had been exploring together and we found them in the long grass at the very far end of the habitat in the morning. We wondered if they would stick together or drift apart, seeking each other out occasionally?

As the sun set we saw David heading back from the habitat. At first, we thought he was alone, then we saw Easy following. He trotted up onto the platform we made from an old water reservoir. We were so familiar with the silhouettes of Easy and sister Shakira (who passed away from cancer last year) up there but had not seen David and Easy up there together. Easy paused and then followed him.

After sitting in the fading rays of the sun for a while David decided it was time for bed. He tried to get Easy up but she ignored him and he headed off. As soon as he was gone Easy stood up, looked for him, and then jumped down after him, quickening her pace. You can also see that David turns around and comes back, as if to say “please come too!” They headed into the house for the night and slept in the same room together, and that’s where we found them in the morning at sunrise. We haven’t seen them snuggled up together, but they are always close to each other, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and companionship for two of our lonely hearts lions.

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