Rey and Smith bask in the light

Two of the mightiest lions at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary bask in the light of another sunset in South Africa in their 6+ acre habitat. Smith is a huge, castrated male it’s a close call as to who is the biggest lion at the sanctuary between him and Kesari. It was campaigners with hidden cameras, leaflets and placards that transformed their lives.

A huge ADI undercover of the South American circus industry exposed horrific abuse and suffering and led to campaigns in multiple counties and eventually bans on either all animal acts or wild animal acts across Latin America. When Peru banned wild animals in circuses, most circuses defied the law, and so from 2014 to 2016 an ADI team was on the ground steadily tracking down, raiding the circuses and saving the animals. Every circus cage was emptied and over 100 animals were saved during the operation.

Please remember that raising awareness and campaigning saves lives. It is public opinion that secures the laws that transform the lives of animals like Rey and Smith and ensure other animals do not suffer as they did. You are their voice and don’t ever give up.

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