Tarzan gets partial lip lift

Many will remember the story of Tanya and Tarzan’s life of confinement and deprivation in a circus in Guatemala, where Tarzan was attacked by a tiger and his lower lip almost torn off – his dear Tanya still carries the scars where she defended him during the fight. Tarzan’s lip healed hanging from his chin after the horrific incident. A week ago, both Tarzan and Tanya had dental work from Dr Gerhard Steenkamp at Old Chapel Veterinary Clinic, and when Tarzan needed a second round of dental work this week, our veterinarian Dr Peter Caldwell took the opportunity to mend Tarzan’s lower lip. Handsome Tarzan has now had what we are describing as a lip lift! Dr Caldwell’s options were limited due to the lack of structure left, so Tarzan still looks his distinctive self, but with less of his lip now hanging down, which should be more comfortable. He is doing well, and the inseparable pair have remained close by each other throughout.

Tarzan is very tall, while Tanya is exceptionally small, but they have won over hearts around the world with their devotion to each other. We are all looking forward to two of our favourite lion couples coming home to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary next week!

Please help us continue to give Tarzan and Tanya and our other rescued lion and tiger residents, the life they deserve.

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