Tarzan and Tanya undergo dental surgery

Get well soon Tarzan and Tanya. ADI Wildlife Sanctuary sweethearts are recovering at Old Chapel Veterinary Clinic under the watchful eye of Dr Peter Caldwell following dental surgery performed by Dr Gerhard Steenkamp. Circus lions and tigers often have teeth broken when they are hit in the face and it can lead to a lifetime of silent suffering. Many will remember how subdued Tarzan was when we rescued him from a circus in Guatemala – he tucked himself in a corner while Tanya stood guard. After emergency dental work to relieve his pain in our Guatemala field hospital he bounced back and was playing with toys. That was almost four years ago and Tarzan and Tanya were both in need of more treatment. Tarzan will in fact have additional dental work later this week and Tanya will remain in hospital with him until they can return to the sanctuary together.

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