Rey enjoys his watermelon enrichment

“MINE, ALL MINE!” You really wouldn’t want to try and get this watermelon out of Rey’s protective paws once he has started playing with it. Rey was rescued from a circus in Peru and now lives at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary where the rescued lions and tigers enjoy a range of toys for enrichment including melons, pumpkins, catnip boxes and balls. ReyC and his brother Smith have a habitat of over 6 acres of natural African landscape to roam – a very different world to the small bare circus cage we rescued them from. However, our enrichment and toys are still vital for keeping the lions and tigers in our care physically and mentally active. Enrichment is an important addition to giving the animals the space they need to express themselves and we think you can tell what Rey’s prize means to him in these pictures!

Our thanks to Facebook group Lion Lovers who raised the funds for Rey’s rescue in Peru, his journey to South Africa, and initial care costs. The road that links the four habitats leading up to Rey’s habitat is called Lion Lovers Lane.

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