Sun in the morning

Sun is now all grown up from that tiny cub with great big paws that ADI rescued from that bare circus cage in Guatemala. Sun and her sister Moon were just six months old when we rescued them. In our Temporary Rescue Unit in Guatemala, Luna and Jade seemed to tower over them. But with good nutrition from ADI and supplements, Sun and Moon have both outgrown their sisters from another litter, Jade and Luna, who were 18 months old when we rescued them. The four share the same habitat at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. Coincidentally, one sister from each pair is outgoing, Sun and Jade and the other is quite shy, Moon and Luna, but they all adore each other and are led into fun and mischief by Jade. When you walk by their habitat, you can be sure Jade or Sun will come over to check you out – just like Sun did when we snapped this pic!

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