The chick who grew up for Easter

Meet Adie, a guinea fowl chick who was hand reared at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, after being found separated from her wild family and close to death. ADI Maintenance Specialist Kidro, with his daughter Kiara, hand reared the little chick and released her as quickly as possible, close to the other guinea fowl groups on the Sanctuary. Adie had other ideas – she has become an established member of our group of “misfits” – Tulip Turkey, Gertie Guinea Fowl (both already on the land when we purchased it), and another wild guinea fowl who joined them. Adie is growing fast and likes to visit the other guinea fowl groups, then return to the misfits – all are regular visitors around Chris Lee Lodge (our future volunteer house).

FUN FACT: When ADI purchased the sanctuary land, we stipulated in the contract that any animals present on the day of signing became property of ADIWS and could not be removed. Thus, our ADI families of lions and tigers were joined by Rollo the dog, the gang of ducks, the chickens, Gertie, Tulip, the feral domestic cats and even some antelope (who evaded capture when the game farm was emptied). As well as the native wildlife which includes tortoises, jackals and others.

REMEMBER: Always be very careful when you see baby wild animals you think are in distress. Most mothers will return for their young. Never assume infants have been abandoned, monitor the situation carefully, giving the parent time and space to return to her young.

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