Special habitat for a special lion

We are counting down to moving lonely Ruben, who has not heard another lion for over five years, from Armenia to his new life at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa. Once in South Africa, his suspected neurological and spinal problems can be assessed using advanced scanning technology. 

At ADIWS we have designed a habitat to meet his special needs as he undergoes treatment, including a house with heated floor, a feeding camp with a special low-level platform and a half-acre natural habitat with a special platform with den underneath, where Ruben’s special needs are accommodated with grass slopes or gentle steps leading to the top of his viewing platform. 

We know how important these platforms are for lions to enjoy surveying their kingdom and we didn’t want Ruben to be denied any fun! Guard rails will protect him from stumbling at the top, and he can access the den underneath from ground level. As we get to understand his abilities, we can give him access to the full 2.5 acres of his new home.

Best of all, Ruben will be across the road from Simba and Rey and friendly, vocal fellow ADIWS residents Kesari, Coco and Chino. We can’t wait for Ruben to hear the roars of other lions again! 

ADI is funding Ruben’s care at a bear sanctuary run by FPWC in Armenia, while we await his CITES export documentation. Once we have that, we can begin organising his flight. Delays on a rehoming like this are out of our hands, so please help with the additional costs of his care in Armenia if you can. Meanwhile, we are ready and waiting to welcome Ruben to ADIWS!

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6 thoughts on “Special habitat for a special lion

    • Absolutely! He deserves all the care, comfort, compassion, and of course, the company of his own kind again.


  1. 5/5/2023
    Where is Ruben?
    I am extremely concerned regarding Rubens whereabouts.
    It was 4/2/23 when last I heard an update about Ruben.
    I thought he was going to start his journey to ADI soon thereafter.
    Has Ruben become to ill?
    Is Ruben not able to travel after all?
    Have plans changed for Ruben to join ADI?
    Has something happened to Ruben?
    You can easily see I am very upset for Ruben.
    Please, please return me a comment on Rubens current status and update on whether he is joining ADI.
    I donated money for Rubens transfer, so please keep this in mind and send me an update just as soon as you have the time.
    I think of him so often and pray for his health to sustain this journey if it isn’t already too late for beautiful boy Ruben.
    I’ll be anxiously awaiting your response/comment back to me.
    Again, I thank you ADI for the all that you do for so many beautiful creatures.


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