Tomas: From Guatemala to Africa

Tomas was loaded into a travel crate in Guatemala and stepped out of it in Africa. Here’s what happened next. He must have been a bit disorientated following the long journey and we wonder what he thought as heard the sounds, smelt and saw the land of his ancestors? His life was about to transform.

Three years ago this week, ADI concluded its operation emptying circus cages in Guatemala and arrived at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa with 12 tigers and 5 lions. Tomas so nearly missed the flight. When ADI arrived in Guatemala, the circus had already given Tomas to a local zoo. But in a lucky turn of fate for Tomas the zoo handed Tomas to ADI’s Temporary Rescue Unit (with less than 30 minutes notice!). Once at ADIWS, we determined to reunite Tomas with his brother Kimba – born in the same circus cage but separated as cubs. They were put in our introduction habitat where they could greet each other through the mesh and at sunset they would often be together. But the pandemic delayed the actual integration of the boys and finally last year they were reunited. Our last pic shows Tomas and Kimba playing in the moonlight in Augie Habitat last week. Not the best quality picture but really capturing what a long, long way they have come from that circus cage in Guatemala. Thank you to everyone who brought them home.

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