Tanya sleeping blissfully

The lions and tigers remained relaxed during the wildfire at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. Many supporters have asked how stressed the animals were as the ADIWS team frantically fought the fire that surged into the sanctuary. We are pleased to say they remained very calm and were easily led to their safe zones. Some watched the team fighting the fire on the hillside, Sasha lioness kept playing with her toys, others seemed unaware of the drama unfolding. The ADIWS team, on the other hand, were very stressed indeed! The fire was extinguished yards from Tarzan and Tanya’s habitat – Tanya pictured sleeping blissfully here – but thanks to the heroic efforts of our team and our neighbors who helped fight the blaze, this was subdued and not the wall of flames that entered the sanctuary.

Recently, the ADIWS team and the local Fire Watch were out again fighting a wildfire several miles away.

Now it’s time to rebuild. We most urgently need funds to repair fire damage to our perimeter fences, solar panels, equipment, two vehicles, as well as a solar panel and energizer that pumps water from one of our wells to the animal habitats. Our fire protocols and equipment worked and ensured all animals and humans were safe, but we want to increase our fire prevention measures, including soaker systems, and ensure a fire never gets this close again. Please give what you can – every bit adds up and is a big help. Please also help spread the word.

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