Amazonas is home

Amazonas is settling back into life at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. Rescued by ADI from a circus in Peru eight years ago, lioness Amazonas recently had an eye removed by Dr Peter Caldwell due to a cataract combined with a collapse of the back of the eye. After a period using the house and feeding camp, with monitored visits from her family, Amazonas seems to have adapted well and is back enjoying Tohir Habitat.

Eye problems in our rescued lions are generally caused by malnutrition early in life with the circus. All of the lions who have developed problems requiring eye removal at ADIWS were rescued from circuses in Peru, and are all believed to be related. Amazonas’ sister Kiara Cusco was the first to need this surgery. Their brother Smith has also developed an eye infection, which is being investigated by Dr Caldwell.

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