Senior citizens watching the world go by

It’s National Senior Health & Fitness Day, and that is very much the theme of daily life at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. Our oldest residents are Leo and Muñeca, now 19 years old, who endured their first 11 years in small cages in a circus in Peru. Circus life is tough; bare, hard floors, bars, tiny spaces, no room to run, poor nutrition – it takes its toll on their bodies. All our residents receive special health supplements, and Leo’s eye was removed due to problems related to his circus life. Leo also has two meals on feeding days to keep his weight up – whereas other residents have one. He’s hand fed (with tongs), which he seems to enjoy. This ensures he eats all of his food, joint supplements and medication to prevent degeneration of his nervous system. This detailed, boutique-style care ensures these two seniors continue to enjoy their retirement, roaming the 4+ acre Abbey Habitat, back in the land of their forefathers.

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