Rey and Simba reunited

This morning we witnessed joyous and moving scenes at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary as the two boys rescued from a circus in Ayacucho, Peru nuzzled and played before striding up their Guibord-Sprague Habitat, roaring to let the whole world know the boys are back in town!

Rey (known as Rey Ayacucho) has been in hospital to investigate a mass pressing onto his lung. We were delighted to hear the mass was not cancer, but fluid, and Rey has been treated and is back to full strength.

Rey arrived home yesterday evening and the boys headed into one of their dens to sleep together. The ADIWS team monitored them all night as they slept heavily, then at about 6am they began to stir. They began rubbing heads and playing, Simba, with his wobbly arthritic legs, even ran excitedly around the den they had slept in.

As the sun burst over the horizon, they strode up their habitat, their bodies sometimes pressing together as they walked, roaring in unison. The sanctuary, which had been quieter than usual last night and this morning, began to roar back.

Watch their joyful reunion

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