Max and Stripes on the prowl

Max and Stripes on the prowl at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary – a reminder that cute cubs grow up to be very big. Here’s why you should never support cub petting….

When we first met Max and Stripes, they were in a circus in Guatemala, they were tiny and the circus would drag them away from their mother as they suckled, to be passed from person to person to cuddle and have their photo taken. There was another little cub too, but within weeks, he or she was dead. When ADI began enforcing Guatemala’s ban on animals in circuses we were able to remove nine tigers and two lions from the circus. But the circus blocked the removal of the cubs and four other tigers – still trying to cash in on them. Six months later, we rescued Max, Stripes and the other tigers. They were living in a circus cage in a junkyard.

Max and Stripes have grown up in ADI care. They are still wary of people but once you gain their trust, are friendly and inquisitive. With proper nutrition from six months of age, they have grown huge and powerful. And that is another of the problems with the cub petting industry – the babies they are tearing from their mothers grow up fast to be very big, powerful and then the petting business has no use for them.

The US has a huge problem with cub petting but there is a chance for change. The BIG CAT PUBLIC SAFETY ACT (HR263/ S1210), which would stop the cycle of breeding big cats for cub petting, photo ops, backyard ‘zoos’, and the pet trade in the United States, will be heard on Thursday, May 12 at 2pm ET in the House Natural Resources Subcommittee: Water, Oceans, and Wildlife. If you live in the US, please contact your Congress members TODAY and urge them to support HR263/ S1210.

DO NOT SUPPORT US BILL HR211, which has been deliberately given the same name to mislead people but would allow cub petting

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