Picture perfect Kesari

Whose heart doesn’t melt when they look into Kesari’s handsome face with such distinctive eyes? Yet there are people who only see a trinket to hang on their wall – that could have been his fate. He fits their criteria: Big mane, beautiful face, huge lion.

When there was no room for Kesari at Pretoria Zoo, thankfully they did not put him up for sale but waited for a safe home, and when Captured In Africa Foundation contacted the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, how could we say “no” to that face!

When he first arrived, Kesari was hesitant to step out of his travel crate and took a few days before leaving the feeding area and venturing out into his main Phillips Habitat. These days he makes his presence known across the whole Sanctuary with an impressive roar – often in unison with his neighbors Chino and Coco – who he is clearly great friends with. Cheerful Kesari also spends time with his other neighbors Simba and Rey Ayacucho.

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