Tarzan looking good after surgery

The ‘partial-lip-lift’ performed by veterinary surgeons Dr Peter Caldwell and Prof Gerhard Steenkamp, four weeks ago, has healed. Tarzan was attacked by a tiger in a circus in Guatemala and his lower lip was torn from his face and left dangling from his chin. It healed there. When Guatemala banned animals in circuses, ADI rescued the animals, including Tarzan, and brought him to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. Although no longer causing him pain, Tarzan’s lip would drag and catch dirt and food. The surgeons did not have enough tissue to work with so could only partially bring the lip back to its correct position, but when you see the last picture of Tarzan, when ADI first rescued him, you can see what a significant difference it has made. We believe that Tarzan is more comfortable and his beloved Tanya thinks he’s just as gorgeous as ever.

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