Lion toy can help animals like Sasha

No one can forget the sight of Sasha in her bare circus cage in Guatemala, her foot held up in pain. A toe had been crushed in a brutal ‘declawing’ operation and cancer spread up her leg. After her rescue, at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa, she underwent groundbreaking surgery removing diseased bone and replacing it with a titanium implant. She is no longer in pain but after almost a decade of pain, in the circus, the tendons in her leg had shortened and she still holds the leg aloft. So we need to give her physiotherapy, exercising, stretching and using her leg by playing with balls, catnip boxes, melons, and logs. The indomitable Sasha is a testament to what is possible with your support.

You can keep Sasha and our other rescued animals playing with Oba, the limited-edition lion toy. Our friends at The Elephant Project, have created a limited-edition stuffed lion named Oba (meaning ‘king ruler’ in West Africa) with 100% of net proceeds from sales going to ADI and other organizations.

Oba is a perfect gift for the animals, and a great gift for Valentine’s Day. Please help spread the word.

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