Tanya’s medicine time while Tarzan waits

Tanya takes her medicine as Tarzan waits outside for his princess. At the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, the day begins with medicines for several residents, before breakfast. Coming from a life of suffering, many of our circus survivors require treatment for arthritis and damage caused by in-breeding and poor nutrition as growing cubs. Many also have damaged and broken teeth. Tanya is receiving medicine for suspected toothache prior to a visit to the dentist. She previously had dental surgery in our field hospital in Guatemala soon after her rescue from the circus. Loyal Tarzan follows her to their house each morning and waits patiently outside while ADIWS Animal Care Manager, Hadio, gives Tanya her morning medication in a treat. ADIWS has strict COVID and other disease prevention measures in place, with all food prepared wearing gloves and masks. However, our residents are not so relaxed with people in masks, and so medications are given without masks.

Our inseparable sanctuary sweethearts were rescued together from a circus in Guatemala by ADI. In the circus, Tarzan was badly injured when he was attacked by a tiger (that is why his lip hangs down), and tiny Tanya bears the scars of fighting to defend her Tarzan. Would you like to adopt Tarzan and Tanya for Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps give an adoption as Valentine’s Day gift.

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