Home sweet home for Leo and Muñeca

Big developments at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary as we start bringing together some key groups of animals: Easy with David, sisters Kiara2 and Africa with brother Rolex, and Iron with Bumba. Several of these animals have been sharing territory for some time, but we will be placing all (except Easy and David) in new, neutral territory, to start their new lives together. As part of this, one of our established pairs, Leo and Muñeca (rescued by ADI from a circus in Peru in 2014), have moved next door to Augie Habitat, from their Abbey Habitat. This is a lovely, very similar habitat to Abbey, and should give the pair an interesting change of scenery as they have always enjoyed exploring. It had been a while since Leo and Muñeca were in their travel crates, so we had three days of crate familiarization, to allow them to wander freely in and out of their crates, and have their meals in the crates. Once they were comfortable, we closed the crates and moved them to Augie Habitat where they first got oriented in the feeding camp and house.

Leo and Muñeca are now loving their new Augie Habitat home. The intrepid senior explorers have been checking out their new home, relaxing and enjoying the new space. The lions are enjoying their retirement in the African sunshine after being rescued from a circus in Peru by ADI.

Moving around gives the lions and tigers added interest with new places to explore. Crate familiarization has now begun for Bumba, Iron, Rolex, Africa and Kiara2, ready for the introduction process and their moves to new habitats. The introduction process is underway for lions David and Easy. Watch out for updates on these exciting developments.

Don’t forget if you really want to know what it takes for ADI to rescue animals like Leo and Muñeca, you can now see Lion Ark – the inside story of our Bolivia rescue – streaming now on EarthStream. ADI receives $30 from every subscription too, which supports our rescued animals!

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