Chino and Coco enjoy the morning sun

Chino and Coco, two lions rescued from a circus in Peru by ADI, enjoying the morning sunshine at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary South Africa. The boys share the 2.5 acre Kornberg Habitat and anyone joining the ADIWS volunteer programme will almost certainly go to sleep and wake up to their roars and open their curtains in the morning to see the boys watching for the arrival of their breakfast. The launch of our sanctuary volunteer scheme was halted by the pandemic but we hope to have it up and running as soon as possible.

Want to know what it takes to rescue animals like Chino and Coco? Check out rescue documentary Lion Ark which is available to stream for the first time on As a special promotion, for every subscription made though this link, $30 (normally $20) will go to ADI and directly benefit our rescued animals. Click here to subscribe and tune in.

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