Help build a night house for lion couple saved from circus suffering

Our ex-circus survivors had the worst possible start in life. Lions Tarzan and Tanya, like so many of them, endured years confined in a tiny circus cage in appalling conditions, lacking exercise, and malnourished. They were rescued by ADI from a Guatemalan circus, and they still bear the marks of their cruel past. Tarzan’s torn lower lip is from a fight with a tiger in the circus, and Tanya’s scars are from defending him. 

At the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, we pick up the pieces of our battered lions and tigers, many of whom deal with arthritis, spine problems, and other health issues. That’s why night houses attached to their main habitats have rooms for treatment and observation and provide a warm place to sleep – all essential to their health and wellbeing.

This GivingTuesday, November 30 – the world’s biggest day of generosity – can you donate to help build a night house for our devoted couple Tarzan and Tanya? They are currently in our introduction habitat and we want to move them to a new and bigger habitat. You can donate through our dedicated donate page (for the UK click here) or our GivingTuesday Facebook fundraiser

With your help, we can raise the funds needed to build a standard house with two rooms:

Main building – Includes the foundation, walls, roof, two drop doors for animals to go in and out, and human door to go in and clean, etc.               

$7,773 / £5,627

Plastering and painting inside and out – Provides additional insulation, helps preserve the building, and improves hygiene and cleaning.                                                   

$1,293 / £936

Rooms – Includes drop door between rooms as well as chute feeder, human door, and water trough for each room. Enables hospitalization, separation for feeding, and protected introductions of animals.

$1,824 / £1,320

Solar powered heater – Includes solar panel and energizer 

$955 / £691

Total goal = $11,845/£8,574

Other ways you can help

–    Set up a GivingTuesday Facebook fundraiser of your own! Get your friends, family, and colleagues involved and be in with a chance of receiving an ADI Animal Rescue Pack. Whoever raises the most through their fundraiser will receive a gift animal adoption for Tanya and Tarzan, 2022 ADI Animal Rescue Calendar, ADI Rescuer t-shirt and Lion Ark DVD. Get started here.

–    Spread the word. Share our GivingTuesday social media posts and help us reach our goal. 

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