Rolex’s poorly paw

Dr Peter Caldwell treated Rolex at the ADI Wildlife sanctuary for a cut on his paw last month, and Rolex (one of our Peru circus rescues) was soon back on his feet. Dr Caldwell will be back for his monthly check on all of the animals at the Sanctuary soon. Although in our picture it does look like Scarc is the one checking out Dr Caldwell and his team as much as the other way round!

All our circus survivors were rescued from horrendous conditions, and the malnutrition, physical abuse, and inbreeding can take its toll later in life. The lions and tigers we rescued from circuses in Guatemala have been especially prone to a range of health issues. Several of our lions rescued from Colombia and Peru are now in their senior years and facing challenges, while others, like Rolex, get a few bumps and scrapes from charging around the African landscape.

Please support our ADI Wildlife Sanctuary veterinary care.

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