Help empty the cages with our new limited edition clothing!

UPDATE: This campaign has ended. Watch this space for future limited-edition clothing!

We’ve launched a new range of t-shirts, tanks and sweatshirts (available only until August 18th) in a range of colors, featuring tiger Kumal rescued from a circus cage in Guatemala and lion David saved from a circus in Peru.  Both are now loving life at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.

When ADI rescued David he was initially too scared to step out of the tiny cage that had imprisoned him for his entire life.  We coaxed him out and just look at him now!

Mighty Kumal was saved in a difficult operation repeatedly disrupted by the circus workers.  We rescued nine tigers and two lions that day but it took many months to rescue the six other tigers the circus refused to surrender.  ADI never gave up, no one was left behind, and every cage was emptied.

ADI is emptying the cages.  Our large-scale operations help enforce bans on the use of animals in circuses, with ADI teams on the ground for more than a year in different countries tracking down and raiding circuses, saving hundreds of animals.  In countries like Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, and Guatemala, ADI has emptied the cages and they will never be used for animals again.

Every purchase from our new limited edition clothing collection helps save lives and care for rescued animals.  Thanks to our supporters, animals including David and Kumal, that endured years in a space the size of a queen-size bed, now roam acres of natural space with trees and pools.

Get yours today and wear with pride!

You can also adopt Kumal and help to care for him for life.  And, don’t forget our lovely lion David who can also be adopted here.

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