Shakira returns from hospital

After a stay in hospital, Shakira has returned home. Now 14 years old, Shakira was rescued from a circus in Colombia and lives at the sanctuary with Easy, the two lionesses almost inseparable.  

Our care team had noticed Shakira looked uncomfortable and did not want her food. We consulted with our veterinarian Dr Peter Caldwell and, after encouraging her into her night house and then travel crate – a great show of trust in her carers and avoiding any need for sedatives – Shakira was soon on her way to the hospital.

Following antibiotic treatment, Shakira initially recovered and started to eat again but then regressed. Dr Caldwell took x-rays, several different ultrasounds and blood tests. It is an unusual condition – there is a problem with her chest lining around her lungs and other organs – requiring consultation with specialists.

After spending a few days in the hospital and responding well to treatment, which she will continue to receive, she was able to come home to the sanctuary. 

The need to get Shakira quickly to the hospital emphasized our next MOST URGENT NEED: A TRAILER FOR THE SANCTUARY.  

At present, for hospital trips, rescues and emergencies, we have to hire a trailer – as we did, and at very short notice, for Shakira. With your help, we can be ready to take our animals to the hospital, as needed, go to the aid of animals like horses and donkeys in need of help, and collect grass and hay bedding for our rescued big cats.

Our target is $3,000. Can you help?

Donate Here

If you can sponsor the entire trailer, we can put your name on the side, “sponsored by….” And any additional funds raised will go to other essential work at our young sanctuary.

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