Help animals damaged by the circus

You can take an animal out of the circus but you cannot always take the circus out of the animal. The inbreeding, abuse, and deprivation invariably leaving its mark, months, even years after their rescue and in some cases for the rest of their lives.

Help provide vital veterinary treatment for our damaged, rescued lions and tigers.

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When ADI rescues animals in circuses, it is far from the end of the story. In our temporary rescue centers established in-country, we provide the veterinary care, medicines, love, and attention these damaged animals have previously been denied. Bringing them back to better health with good food, vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as emergency dental and other surgeries. We can then bring them to their forever home. For 43 big cats, all bar one rescued from Latin American circuses, home is here at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.

The road to recovery can be slow, and although many individuals need further veterinary attention and lifelong medical care, the positive difference in their general health and wellbeing, and the transformation from the day they were removed from the circus is clear to see.  Their personalities blossom as they enjoy their freedom to run and play. 

Our place of loving kindness gives the animals we save the best possible life, where they are free to be, rather than forced to perform. Instead of a bare circus cage, they have cozy night houses (with heated floors for older and arthritic animals), viewing platforms and dens in a beautiful natural habitat. Instead of their pain and suffering being ignored, they receive the veterinary attention and daily care they need to live pain-free.

This of course comes at a cost, but we are committed to providing our rescued animals with the best possible care and life that we can give them.

It took us two years to get the lions out of Peru and Colombia, and 18 months to get the tigers and lions out of Guatemala. The enormous costs stretched us to our limits, but we had planned to re-build the finances and secure life-long income for the animals once they were safely at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. Then the COVID-19 pandemic caused a financial crisis, and our income has crashed. Major donors are telling us that they are concerned about finances and are receiving too many emergency appeals. Our young sanctuary is struggling to survive and keep our animals alive.

On World Veterinary Day, we are appealing for the funds to continue to provide the vital lifelong treatment our damaged animals need – for example tigresses Sombra, Lupe and Bimbi for seizures (due to inbreeding); lionesses Sasha and Kiara for cancer and neurological problems; lions Simba and Rey for arthritis, Zeus and Junior for nerve damage.

Veterinary treatments, vitamin/mineral supplements for 1 month = $4,230. This covers care, medicines, and vitamin/mineral supplements to treat disease and damage from the circus such as eyesight and neurological damage (from blows to the head), bone and joint problems, (malnutrition and lack of exercise), immune system support, and make old age more comfortable.

On this World Veterinary Day, we are asking our wonderful supporters to:

HELP COVER VETERINARY COSTS for our damaged, rescued lions and tigers Donate US $ | Donate UK £

JOIN US for our #GivingTuesdayNow Facebook Fundraiser, May 5th, to feed and care for the 43 rescued lions and tigers at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary! #GivingTuesdayNow is a global day of giving – LET’S DO IT FOR THE ANIMALS!

YOU CAN SET UP YOUR OWN fundraiser and ask your friends, family, and colleagues to support. Get started here.

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