Let’s get through this together

Everyone is increasingly aware of the economic as well as human devastation that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing.  The impact on donations to ADI has been shattering and we are working to ensure our survival and that all of our rescued animals are safe.

Here at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, our team is working in lockdown and we continue doing everything possible to ensure we have food and essential medicines for the animals.  Everyone is in good spirits and the animals are thriving. 

Any health issues are reviewed via video with our founder Jan and our overseeing veterinarian, Dr Caldwell. Just these past two weeks, lion Simba’s arthritis has improved following medication; Rey (from Ayacucho) seemed to have a painful shoulder, and Zeus a painful back leg.  All have been treated thanks to the additional medicines brought in before lockdown.  Our old boys are feeling their age!

Last weekend marked a year since ADI’s 27 rescued ex-circus lions from Peru and Colombia stepped out into the new ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.  Together, we had achieved the impossible – we bought 455 acres of land the previous August and in a whirlwind eight months, we built our sanctuary. Fencing, piped water, night-houses (with heated floors for elderly residents), and day platform/shelters. Few thought it could be done, but pulling together, we achieved the impossible dream! We are especially grateful to our sanctuary founders who really made this happen for the animals.

Six months after our fledgling sanctuary roared into life with the arrival of the 27 lions, we welcomed Kesari – a handsome South African, captive-born lion we were determined to keep out of the hands of trophy hunters.  Then in January this year, we flew the 5 lions and 12 tigers from Guatemala, leaving behind a string of empty circus cages.

We understand that many of you cannot donate at present.  You can help by sharing our posts on social media and organizing fundraisers.  If you can afford a contribution, whether it is becoming a sanctuary founder or the cost of a cup of coffee each week (which you can no longer go out for!) your support is going to be vital in the coming months.

You can donate to our EMERGENCY APPEAL HERE.

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