Home for the Holidays Fundraiser

Following our Home for the Holidays US fundraiser on December 8th and online appeals, we have hit our target to build the travel crates for the 17 lions and tigers rescued from circuses in Guatemala during ADI Operation Liberty and who will be coming home to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary soon!

Despite the chilly weather, ADI supporters including actors Kim Matula, Tonya Kay, and Chloe East, joined us at the Los-Angeles restaurant El Cid restaurant for videos of the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, our rescue in Guatemala, and tales from the frontline from our founders Jan and Tim – including the bizarre and funnier side of our work.  

Spectacular artwork up for auction included a portrait of Ricardo with a lock of his mane – snipped off by the veterinarian during his recent dental work – and stunning glass and spray paint tiger images by Derek Tillet, both pictured above. A pet portrait session with photographer Lexie Bozeman Cataldo was also auctioned. 

With construction of the travel crates now underway, our next challenge is to bring the 17 lions and tigers home to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.

Can you help by organizing a fundraiser for the animals? It could be a screening of our award-winning rescue film Lion Ark, a party, benefit concert, marathon or other sponsored event, bake sale, or auction – you can be as creative as you want to be. It’s a great way to get your friends, family and colleagues involved in a cause you care about, and help our rescued animals.

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