Lions have fun with their Halloween pumpkin treats!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! As the sun set at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, the rescued lions were given pumpkins with treats to play with!

Earlier in the day, our sanctuary staff lovingly carved out pumpkins and stuffed them with treats. They got really creative with some of them, as you can see below.

Although the lions have huge enclosures to wander through their day, enrichment like the pumpkins, catnip sacks, cardboard boxes, tires and other toys are all very important to give them something to catch their interest.

You can adopt a lion, or buy them enrichment like catnip and lavender oil, helping to keep them healthy and entertained for life.

Don’t forget ADI is working to bring 18 rescued lions and tigers from circuses in Guatemala to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. Please help support the sanctuary so we can complete their habitats in time for their arrival.

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