National Pumpkin Day

We hope that you are enjoying all of the Halloween fun our ex-circus survivors are having at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. As you can imagine, a pumpkin or squash causes HUGE excitement, which means it does not necessarily last very long! To keep our residents properly entertained, we need to raise funds for more pumpkins and squashes as well as other enrichment like tires, hay bales, balls, catnip bags, and anything else they need.

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Our big cats want to go trick-or-treating this Halloween

Although our lions and tigers have huge habitats to roam and other important enrichment like catnip and hay boxes, tires and other toys, pumpkins are always an extra special treat. Look at all the fun they had last year! Help them make up for all those years in the circus where they lived in tiny, miserable cages with nothing to interest or engage them.

Can you sponsor a pumpkin for Halloween? Just £1.50 / $2 buys a pumpkin and a whole lot of fun for a lion or tiger. Let’s see if we can raise enough to keep them playing for the rest of the year! Follow our social media posts to see what the lions and tigers get up to.

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