ADI Wildlife Sanctuary: The dream becomes a reality

In the last 12 months, we’ve made huge strides in transforming 455 acres of grassland to create the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, a place of loving kindness in South Africa.

The sanctuary is now home to 25 lions rescued by ADI from circuses in Colombia and Peru. In the coming months, they will be joined by 12 tigers and six lions rescued during Operation Liberty, the ADI mission to help enforce Guatemala’s circus ban, as well as a lion from Pretoria zoo.

Here’s a look at what has been accomplished so far, with the help of supporters:

  • Self-sufficient in water, pumped from our wells into the lions’ habitats (the waterholes set into the ground so the animals can drink in their natural posture).
  • High security, electrified perimeter and habitat fences.
  • Trees and bushes planted to bring land eroded by farming back to nature – the first 40 trees thanks to a grant from Trees for Tigers.
  • Lion habitats covering more than 2 million square feet with secure feeding areas, vehicle access, platforms and other enrichments.
  • Brick night houses, which are warm in winter and cool in the summer, help transition animals from different climates and can be used to hospitalize or monitor lions.
  • A highly experienced management team recruited for the sanctuary.

As well as transforming the lives of the animals we rescue and care for, the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary will also help shape attitudes on one of the most important frontlines for animal protection. To support this work, please donate here:

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