Operation Spirit of Freedom rescue mission, Peru

Operation Spirit of Freedom was Animal Defenders International’s biggest animal rescue of its kind, as we helped authorities in Peru and Colombia implement legislation to end the use of wild animals in circuses. Over 100 animals who all suffered terribly at the hands of humans were rescued and given the bright future they deserved.

Our work on this issue in Peru and Colombia began back in 2007, when ADI launched its Stop Circus Suffering campaign across Latin America. The evidence from our two-year undercover investigation of animal circuses caused a public outcry and calls for action across the continent. Bolivia responded first, banning all animals in travelling circuses, followed by Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico who all introduced wild animal bans.

Our rescue team traveled all over Peru to track down the circuses; built a temporary rescue center from scratch as well as jungle habitats for Cholita the bear, Mufasa the puma, monkeys and other native wild animals; provided logistical support to the authorities so the animals could be seized; and crossed the Andes five times during 35-hour journeys with our precious cargoes of animals.

Saved from circus cages…

Look where they are now…

Help care for the lions

Your donation will help support these lions’ forever home at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, a place of loving kindness.

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