Emergency Appeal

UPDATE (April 10): South Africa lockdown has now been extended through the end of April.

Last night (23 March 2020), in an attempt to combat the spread of COVID-19, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a 3-week shut down in the country, from Thursday 26th March.  All South Africans must stay at home – with exemptions for health and other essential workers. People will only be able to leave their homes to buy food, visit the pharmacy, seek medical care or to collect a social grant. All businesses will close, except for medical facilities pharmacies, laboratories, petrol stations and food stores. The shutdown is expected to be enforced by police and the military. South Africa has a young population but millions are vulnerable due to long-term disease, malnutrition and the healthcare system suffers an acute lack of resources. 

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Join us for an evening rescuing lions and tigers!

Hear freedom roar at this special screening of the award-winning feel-good movie Lion Ark, which we have rescheduled for Monday, June 29th in Sonoma, California (Note: Date likely to change — watch this space for updates). A benefit for the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, watch the drama unfold with the rescue team leaders as ADI tracks down the circuses in Bolivia and RESCUES EVERY ANIMAL.

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Healing the damage from a lifetime of abuse

Following a loss of appetite, we took Sombra – mother of our youngest tigers Max and Stripes – to the veterinary hospital where she was scanned, tested, and received treatment for low potassium levels, including intravenous feeding. It is likely Sombra will need supplements to help with this condition for the rest of her life. She is already on treatment to prevent her seizures (like her sisters Bimbi and Lupe), and she also has kidney problems.

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