Circus survivor Bimbi in hospital

Please send your love and best wishes to circus survivor tiger Bimbi, eight years old. At her home in the Sanctuary, she was noticed looking uncomfortable, so has been taken to veterinarian Dr Peter Caldwell in Pretoria for tests.

Bimbi is one of the females from the circus in Guatemala, who was found to be suffering seizures. There are similar nerve problems in the whole family and the vet concluded these are linked and the result of inbreeding. Sisters Bimbi, Sombra and Lupe have all been on medication, and we were all delighted when their seizures stopped.

Either Bimbi or Lupe are mothers to Luna and Jade or Sun and Moon (we don’t know which), and Sombra is mother to Max and Stripes. Kumal and Sasha are part of the same family. These individuals suffered a lifetime of fear, abuse, and malnutrition, so, sadly, we are likely to see more of these health issues. 

Bimbi is receiving the best of care and we will keep our supporters updated with any information. 

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Winter is coming and Sasha has fun while recovering

At the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa, winter is coming, the grass is drying out, turning golden, and we’ve even had an early frost. We’ll be putting the thick rubber weather protectors back onto the outdoor dens, checking the night houses for drafts, and making sure the older residents’ heated floors are producing the required heat. 
Winter is fire season, so we will be cutting our fire breaks and for the first time, making hay bales from our own grass. We now have our own lovely hay baler — courtesy of a generous donor.  An anonymous donor has also just confirmed funding for a year’s veterinary care for our residents, which is an enormous relief. We are very grateful for the security this provides when we have emergencies and for the long term care our animals need

There is probably no better character to illustrate our work to repay the debt owed to our rescued animals than lioness, Sasha.  After lifelong pain from a declawing operation in a circus in Guatemala (the toes are cut off to prevent claws growing), infection, and cancer, we got her to South Africa where our vet and colleagues replaced damaged bone in her leg with titanium implant.

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Eat, play, love: Sasha and Kumal’s tale

Tigers Sasha and Kumal were born in a miserable circus cage in Guatemala – no space, no comfort, no fun. They were rescued by ADI and Sasha and Kumal began to play. A happy ending and a reminder that whenever an animal like a tiger or lion is caged and confined, there’s a wild animal just bursting to get out and come alive again.

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Love conquers all: Tarzan and Tanya’s tale

Tarzan and Tanya are brave, loving lions who survived the circus in Guatemala and came home to Africa.

Before ADI rescued them, the pair endured eight years in a barren cage and Tarzan suffered horrific injuries when he was attacked by a tiger in the circus. His lower lip has healed but hangs down (we hope to get him cosmetic surgery), and tiny Tanya was left with torn ears and scars on her face and back after she valiantly defended her beloved Tarzan during the fight. They truly adore each other, and Tarzan is famous for kissing Tanya’s head before they go to sleep at night.

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Iron work!

You did it – the partitions in Iron’s house at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary are underway!

The plastering inside Iron’s house – which will enable him to be introduced to a new companion, after the loss of his friend OJ – is drying, and the plastering of the outside is almost complete. This will protect the brickwork, increasing the life of the building and once it is painted, it will make cleaning easier and improve hygiene. The metal frames for the partitions are being cut and welded. 

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Help end Iron’s loneliness

Losing our beloved OJ has been heart-breaking for everyone at ADIWS, but none more so than his lifelong friend, Iron.

OJ and Iron were constant companions – they had been through years of suffering in the circus in Colombia, before living peacefully and happily together in the natural habitats at the ADIWS in South Africa. They were rarely apart. When one went under a tree, the other followed.

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Farewell to a giant: OJ

We have heart-breaking news – our dear lion OJ, one of our circus survivors from Colombia, has lost his battle against cancer. We had hoped he would get longer in the sun with his lifelong friend Iron, but it was not to be.  

At the start of December, 15-year old OJ was diagnosed with an aggressive and incurable leukemia.  With ADIWS veterinarian, Dr Peter Caldwell, we settled on treatment which would give him a good quality of life for a few months and if he was lucky, could give him years. Following treatment, our elderly warrior rallied and tests showed the cancer was retreating. He came home to the sanctuary for Christmas and continued his daily chemotherapy. 

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Five lions and 12 tigers, rescued from Guatemala circuses, make a great escape to freedom at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa. The animals were rescued during ADI’s 18-month operation to help enforce Guatemala’s ban on animals in circuses. Then, officials warned ADI to leave the country with the animals by 21 January or risk losing them. Organizing a flight like this normally takes weeks, but ADI was racing against time as flight after flight was blocked due to landing and security restrictions on flights from Guatemala. With just days to spare, ADI secured an escape route through Mexico, Belgium, and Qatar.

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