You kept our sanctuary moving

Last year we asked for your help as many of the dirt roads around the sanctuary became impassable during rainy season. We feared it would reach crisis point if we were unable to move a sick animal. Two miles of roads were levelled, compacted and finally surfaced with recycled road surface, which gradually becomes more solid with use. Our roads have made every aspect of the sanctuary more efficient, giving us more time to do more time for the animals and keeping them safer. THANK YOU.

Special thanks who sponsored and named roads, with many dedicated in memory of loved ones (there are still roads that can be sponsored and named – click here for more information):

  • Theodore James Cosco-Zoli Drive (Elise Zoli)
  • Ubuntu–Botho Way (Dr Lo Sprague)
  • Siddhi Lane (Antonia Symes)
  • Bahsha Angel Lane (Joy R. Saly)
  • Suzanne Kesari Road (Suzanne Hayano)
  • Coville Lane (Dr Betsy Coville)
  • Julian’s Walk (Julian Bullas)
  • KAKATO Road to Happiness, and, Sunrise by Kakato Bridge (Dr April Fong)
  • Marula Lane (Irina Kornberg)
  • Lion Lovers’ Lane (Lion Lovers)
  • Robert’s Way (Jaki & George Kennedy-Copeland)

Our next really big infrastructure project is converting the entire sanctuary to solar power

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