You kept our sanctuary moving

Last year we asked for your help as many of the dirt roads around the sanctuary became impassable during rainy season. We feared it would reach crisis point if we were unable to move a sick animal. Two miles of roads were levelled, compacted and finally surfaced with recycled road surface, which gradually becomes more solid with use. Our roads have made every aspect of the sanctuary more efficient, giving us more time to do more time for the animals and keeping them safer. THANK YOU.

Special thanks who sponsored and named roads, with many dedicated in memory of loved ones (there are still roads that can be sponsored and named – click here for more information):

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Scarc checks out Betsy the tractor

A wonderful new addition to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary is a tractor sponsored by sanctuary founder, veterinarian Dr Betsy Coville. Whenever anything new turns up, the lions and tigers are always quick to come and check it out and were intrigued by Betsy the tractor. The ADI Wildlife Sanctuary covers 455 acres in South Africa and is home to almost 40 lions and tigers rescued from circuses, in large habitats from 2.5 to 7 acres. ADI only purchased the land in August 2018, and so contributions towards equipment for our animal resident care. Not only has Betsy the tractor arrived but another sanctuary founder, Vivien Jones, has purchased a slasher – essential for cutting the fire breaks that proved life saving for our animal recently.

Purchasing and naming equipment is a great way of helping animals and making your mark at the ADI Wildlife sanctuary. Get in touch if you are interested.

Habitat expansion for our lions and tigers

350,000sq.ft lion and tiger habitat expansion is underway at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary and should be completed in February or March. This will provide more space for the Guatemala lions and for tigers who now need their own habitats due to health issues.

The tiger territory work began this month, thanks to the support of Dr. April Fong of MaxiPro (Asia) Ltd., and ADIWS founder Dr. Lo Sprague. When complete the territory will have five main habitats, five smaller feeding camps and four double tiger houses. The largest section (over 5 acres) will become home to Luna, Jade, Sun and Moon (Spice Girls) and is named Kakato by Dr. April Fong. Dr. Sprague will be naming two habitats.

ADIWS founder Dr. Betsy Coville has funded two more lion habitats, bringing her sponsorship to seven beautiful homes for lions!  Named after her lifelong rescued dogs and cats, the habitats are called Camo, Augie, Abbey, Davis, Sam&Eric, Jacque and Avi! The road that connects these is called ‘Coville Lane’.

This sponsorship covers the single biggest cost of the habitats – the fencing, at $20,000 per 2.5 acres. On Giving Tuesday, supporters raised the funds to build a house for Tarzan and Tanya in Jacque Habitat, and Trees for Tigers USA are sponsoring the trees for all of the new habitats. So, we need to raise funds now for a lion house in Avi habitat, along with water supply and platforms.

New pick-up truck thanks to Robert R Sprague Foundation

Thanks to the Robert R Sprague Foundation, we have a great new pick-up truck (bakkie in South Africa), as part of a grant to help the sanctuary through the COVID-19 crisis. This really is an essential addition to the ADIWS – it has been a real struggle with just one rather battered truck up to now. Almost every lion and tiger came out to see the new bakkie as it toured and we think they gave it the paws up! 

Two years ago, we did not even own the land on which this sanctuary is built. Today we have enclosures for 42 rescued lions and tigers covering 68 acres (almost 3 million square feet of animal habitats), so a vehicle to get around them is really useful! 

With our fundraising efforts focused on survival at present, this was a huge boost. 

We’d like to add a special personal thanks to Dr Lo Sprague without whom we could not have got the Guatemala tigers and lions home (she was part of our crew flying with them too!) and whose personal support has been essential to creating our sanctuary. 

Thank you to everyone who is helping us through the ongoing global financial crisis. You really are making a difference to these animals’ lives. Everything helps, and if you are able to give today, please do so here:

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