Ruben getting his passport

Thanks to your support, Ruben is a step closer to a new life at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa. We are counting the days! At the bear sanctuary run by Armenia’s Foundation for the Protection of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC), under the care of Dr Harut Hovhannisyon, Ruben was sedated for his vaccinations, microchip and parasite treatment so that we can apply for his Armenia export permit and South Africa import permit. While having his procedures, they decided to give him a little tidy up, grooming his mane and cutting out some dead hair. All ready and handsome for his new home!

Meanwhile, at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa, we are upgrading his new house, with repairs, painting and new heating. We are also making a soft earth ramp all the way around his den, so that Ruben can walk up to see the views safely. With his potential neurological damage, we are not taking any chances.

As soon as he is settled, Dr Peter Caldwell will arrange scans and other tests to identify Ruben’s health problems. Ruben will have a habitat that can steadily be increased in size to meet his needs. He will be able to see and hear Coco, Chino, Kesari, Simba and Rey on one side – five lions that roar a lot – and across the road on the other side, he can see and hear tigers Max and Stripes.

We are hopeful Ruben will be moved in the second half of March, but as supporters know this will be determined by the issuing of his travel documents and the availability of flights.

Please help provide all the care dear Ruben needs for life.

2 thoughts on “Ruben getting his passport

  1. I’m a CPA wanting to support Ruben. I’m interested in going to South Africa to support Ruben. I just don’t know what the responsibilities are. If someone can give me an idea, I would appreciate it. Thank you.


    • Apologies for the late reply. Thank you so much for wanting to support Ruben. The best way to help him is to support his care once at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. His health issues will need to be properly addressed once he arrives, and his habitat has to be customized to fit his current health issues. Your support for his care would be a huge help. Another way to help is to create a fundraiser (such as on Facebook or Instagram) and share his story.


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