Sasha having a spooktacular time

It’s not just fun, it’s physiotherapy for lioness with titanium replacing part of her leg bone.

Now at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa, Sasha was in severe pain when she was rescued by ADI from a Guatemalan circus. The circus had cut off her toes in a brutal declawing operation, crushing a toe in the process, which became infected and developed cancer. Dr. Peter Caldwell performed ground-breaking surgery in South Africa replacing diseased bone with a titanium implant. Since then she has been pain-free, and plays vigorously, but continues to limp because after years of doing so the tendons had shortened. So play like this is great fun and important physiotherapy as Sasha grapples with her swing with both front paws.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to send more pumpkins to the lions and tigers.

Just a small amount – for example the cost of a cup of coffee – helps provide treats and fun for the lions and tigers at ADIWS.

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