Kesari’s tire swing

Kesari enjoys hanging tire enrichment, which we’ve loaded with the irresistible scent of catnip (kindly donated by Kunduchi Pet Products) and other essential oils. This impressive boy has the run of the Phillips Habitat at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary where we happily cater to his needs. ADI offered him a home after hearing that he was driven from his pride at Pretoria Zoo and for two years, spent most of his time in a night house due to lack of space. Thankfully the zoo waited for a safe home for him – had he been put up for auction, he could have ended up in the sights of a trophy hunter!

When he first arrived, Kesari was hesitant to step out of his travel crate and took a few days before leaving the feeding area and venturing out into his main enclosure. He has since found his place within his lion community and has become great friends with neighbors Coco and Chino. They’re often seen alongside each other interacting and even roaring in unison. Kesari also spends time with his other neighbors, Simba and ReyA. All of them enjoy living as close as possible to what nature intended.

To help care for Kesari so that he can live a full, healthy life as he deserves, adopt him here.

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