Playful Spice

Precious Jade has one thing on her mind as she strides across the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary’s Tiger Territory: FUN! Jade has proven to be the especially playful one of the boisterous ‘Spice Girls’, a group of tigresses rescued by ADI from a Guatemalan circus, including sister Luna and sisters from another litter Sun and Moon. Jade loves to chase and be chased, and right now she’s ready to wind down and relax in the pool.

Jade grew up in a tiny, barren circus cage with no room to exercise, let alone play. In-breeding left her and sister Luna with neurological problems, causing an unnatural gait, and she also lost her tail in the circus (such injuries are frequently from dropped cage doors). Despite her past, her zest for life is plain to see. Such a friendly tiger, Jade often chuffs to her caregivers, a vocalization usually reserved as a greeting between a mother and cubs or a mate.

Adopt beautiful Jade and help with her care so she can remain playful and carefree.

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