Sasha’s freedom of choice

Rescued tigers like Sasha cannot be returned to the wild, but we can give them choices and a natural and interesting environment at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. Before ADI rescued her from a circus in Guatemala, she was confined to a tiny bare cage, with nowhere to hide – always exposed from all four sides. Now Sasha can choose whether to disappear into her habitat, perhaps only to be seen leaping into the air to try to catch a bird. She will often wander over to neighbours Max and Stripes or lounge in one of her pools – she has two we have built and one natural pool, but often she will still choose to lie in a water trough. She might play with one of her toys like her giant ball, or might wander over to check out a passing human. Then, if you’re lucky, she’ll walk alongside you for a while. Here’s the important thing, it’s when she chooses.

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