Lonely Hearts Update: Iron and Bumba

The process of bringing IRON and BUMBA who were rescued from the same circus in Colombia is underway – previously they were each living at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary with other lions from that circus who have passed away. Initially, The process has been paused this week with Bumba taken into hospital where he has had a small tumour on his lip removed successfully.

Previously, during the introduction process, Bumba and Iron were attracted to the fence so that they could see each other across the 5m driveway between the habitats. Next they were swapped into each other’s habitats.

When Bumba returns from hospital, the next step will be to move them into a single habitat but separated – they will use different parts of the same habitat and are able to communicate through the fence. Before we can go further with this process, though, we need to build a dividing fence in their feeding camp for the introduction process – can you help?

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