Girls just want to have fun

Look carefully and you can see Africa in the long grass on the right, she pounces on Kiara and then they hurtle off into their enclosure at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. It’s a simple scene that in an instant tells you what’s wrong with circuses and much of the way these animals are forced to live in captivity. These animals need space and an environment in which they can run and express themselves. Africa and Kiara were rescued from a circus in Peru where they lived for years in a cage the size of a queen size bed. Don’t believe the nonsense that circus owners spout that these are sedentary animals that just laze around. These are powerful athletes that want, indeed need, to run and play – they need the space to run and get up to full speed.

Africa and Kiara were rescued after Peru banned animals in circuses. Isn’t it time the US passed such a law? Join the TEAPSPA day of action tomorrow calling for a ban on wild animal acts in the US.

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