Happy Valentine’s Day

Of course, Tanya and Tarzan had a nice lie in! The loving lions, rescued from a circus in Guatemala, were dozing, hugging each other, in their house at sunrise, before wandering out to their main habitat at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa.

The lion-hearted sweethearts comforted and protected each other through seven hellish years in a circus cage. Tarzan’s lip was torn from his face after a fight with a tiger in the circus and Tanya bears the scars of defending him. Safe at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, they still sleep cuddled up together, live at their own very gentle pace, and Tarzan still kisses Tanya goodnight.

We hope you all have as happy a Valentine’s Day as theirs.

You can help with the ongoing care of these sweethearts.

Check out Tarzan and Tanya’s tale below.

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