Operation Lonely Hearts

WE ALWAYS TRAVEL WITH ADI… Well, it may look like an advert for ADI rescue and relocations, but it’s actually Africa and Kiara2 making the most of crate familiarization time at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. We pride ourselves on avoiding using anesthetics to move our rescues. That’s achieved by keeping them calm, trusting, and familiar with their travel crates and never afraid. Africa and Kiara2 were among 33 lions airlifted from Peru and Colombia as ADI emptied circuses there – the biggest airlift of its kind. Now, they are preparing for a much shorter relocation within the Sanctuary, as part of what we are calling “operation lonely hearts”. Our aim to bring together seven lions in three groups – David & Easy; Africa, Kiara2 and Rolex; Bumba and Iron.

We will be using a natural brain chemical present during mothering to relax the lions, allowing us to move them to new habitats (neutral territory), where they will steadily be introduced. Those moving home, Africa, Kiara2, Rolex, Bumba, and Iron, are receiving their meals inside the travel crates, which remain open so they can go in and out as they please. They appear to enjoy a lounge about inside, and then climb on top. Watch out for more on Operation Lonely Hearts during the countdown to Valentine’s Day! For now, Africa and Kiara2 seem very pleased to have their old travel crates back!

Our thanks to Greater Good for helping to sponsor our lion and tiger airlifts from Peru, Colombia and Guatemala.

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