Leo is home with Muñeca.

Leo is back at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary after a spell in hospital. Our old warrior looked very much his old self, as he checked out his feeding camp and house and was then reunited with Muñeca, before they headed out into their Abbey Habitat together. Leo is coping well having had an eye removed by veterinarian Dr Peter Caldwell. His spatial awareness and ability to find his way around seem unimpaired.

Leo had cataracts when we rescued him from a circus in Peru seven years ago. Then, treatment at the ADI Temporary Rescue Unit caused them to shrink but sadly, they gradually returned. When Dr Caldwell inspected our circus survivors on arrival at ADIWS, he noted developing cataracts in some and warned that we must watch for any changes, as these cataracts can become infected over time. Recently, the ADIWS animal care team noticed changes in Leo’s eye, we sent photos to Dr Caldwell, and he arranged for Leo to be admitted into hospital immediately. The conclusion was that the eye needed to be removed before the infection could spread.

We are all relieved and grateful to see dear Leo home again.

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