Jade the top cat

Jade is the smallest of the tigers at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, and she’s one of the naughtiest! But she’s beloved by her sisters who she regularly leads into mischief. Distinct because of the tail she lost in the circus, Jade leads the gang into demolition romps.

When ADI rescued sisters Luna and Jade from a circus in Guatemala, they towered over their sisters from another litter, cubs Sun and Moon (rescued at 6 months old). Now, with the benefit of good nutrition and supplements from a much younger age, Sun and Moon tower over Luna and Jade. The girls are all very affectionate towards each other and we sense that Sun and Moon still defer to their older, if smaller sisters, Luna and Jade.

That poor diet early in life has left Jade and Luna with malformation of the connection between skull and spine, leading to a straight-leg, goose-stepping type walk. They receive extra vitamin supplements, especially vitamin A, which has helped relieve the problem. This is a variation of the same problem in the mothers in the family, Lupe, Bimbi and Sombra, caused by inadequate food in their circus life (in addition to the problems caused by in-breeding).

Click here to find out more about the animals at ADIWS, and how to adopt the animals.

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