Circus survivor Bimbi in hospital

Please send your love and best wishes to circus survivor tiger Bimbi, eight years old. At her home in the Sanctuary, she was noticed looking uncomfortable, so has been taken to veterinarian Dr Peter Caldwell in Pretoria for tests.

Bimbi is one of the females from the circus in Guatemala, who was found to be suffering seizures. There are similar nerve problems in the whole family and the vet concluded these are linked and the result of inbreeding. Sisters Bimbi, Sombra and Lupe have all been on medication, and we were all delighted when their seizures stopped.

Either Bimbi or Lupe are mothers to Luna and Jade or Sun and Moon (we don’t know which), and Sombra is mother to Max and Stripes. Kumal and Sasha are part of the same family. These individuals suffered a lifetime of fear, abuse, and malnutrition, so, sadly, we are likely to see more of these health issues. 

Bimbi is receiving the best of care and we will keep our supporters updated with any information. 

Please donate today to help us care for our circus survivors.

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