Winter is coming and Sasha has fun while recovering

At the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa, winter is coming, the grass is drying out, turning golden, and we’ve even had an early frost. We’ll be putting the thick rubber weather protectors back onto the outdoor dens, checking the night houses for drafts, and making sure the older residents’ heated floors are producing the required heat. 
Winter is fire season, so we will be cutting our fire breaks and for the first time, making hay bales from our own grass. We now have our own lovely hay baler — courtesy of a generous donor.  An anonymous donor has also just confirmed funding for a year’s veterinary care for our residents, which is an enormous relief. We are very grateful for the security this provides when we have emergencies and for the long term care our animals need

There is probably no better character to illustrate our work to repay the debt owed to our rescued animals than lioness, Sasha.  After lifelong pain from a declawing operation in a circus in Guatemala (the toes are cut off to prevent claws growing), infection, and cancer, we got her to South Africa where our vet and colleagues replaced damaged bone in her leg with titanium implant.

Sasha is a great example of a fighter, who continues to recover and is enjoying her melons and catnip box toys. Recovery will be long and slow, but she is enjoying her life, and we hope she will be with us for a long time.

Please continue to support Sasha and the other big cats in our care.

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