Sasha lioness is home

Our beloved Sasha has arrived home at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary after two months in the hospital!

In November, Sasha had ground-breaking surgery to remove diseased bone from her leg and replace it with a titanium scaffold and bone cement.  The damage to her leg started in the circus in Guatemala. During a brutal declawing operation, part of the toe was left and became infected, leading to a local cancer and then bone cysts spread up her leg.  

Now she begins a slow, careful rehabilitation at the sanctuary.

Donate to Help Sasha

Initially, she will be kept in her night-house, and then let her into our new portable rehabilitation enclosure (built earlier this month).  Over the coming weeks, as her leg gets stronger, we can gradually increase her exercise space. 

We will not rush this.  

If all goes well, Sasha has a future that we could barely have dreamed possible, when we rescued her in Guatemala.

In the past weeks, three of our rescued lions have been in hospital for extended periods.  Zeus is back with Bumba and patrolling his territory just like his old self.  OJ continues to respond well to chemotherapy after his terrifying leukaemia diagnosis.  Now Sasha is home. 

This has added huge extra costs during this global economic crisis, but it had to be done. 

We took them from the circuses to give them a chance at a happy life. We cannot break that promise, no matter how hard things get. The animals we have rescued from abuse around the world require very special care and facilities, can you make a special contribution to help Sasha today?  

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