OJ home for Christmas!

We are delighted that our dear Colombian ex-circus lion, OJ (Ojiclaro), has been discharged from hospital and is home for Christmas. 

OJ went into hospital a couple of weeks ago after he seemed unwell, and we were all so very sad when he was diagnosed with leukaemia. Our vet Dr Peter Caldwell said his prospects were bleak, as no cure has been published, but when we asked how long OJ might have at home, Peter said there was something he could try. Naturally, we said yes. 

OJ has been receiving cancer treatment, and the news is good! It is working. OJ is looking and feeling much better and his latest tests show the cancer has retreated. He is in with a chance. If he can maintain this level of progress, it is possible that he could beat the cancer and live for many years.

He is on a complicated regime of medication, but OJ deserves for his time in the sun with his lifelong friend, Iron, to last as long as possible – we will do our best to make sure that our circus survivor can be a cancer survivor, too. 

In March, it will be two years since the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary welcomed our first lion residents when OJ and his 26 friends from Peru and Colombia came home. All circus survivors. In January this year, we brought the 17 Guatemala circus survivors here.

It has been a turbulent ride, dealing with illness and injuries from their circus life, and surviving through a worldwide pandemic. Through it all, we hold onto our goal of ending animal circuses worldwide, knowing that we have a place for the survivors and can tell their stories, helping more countries to end the suffering. 

Please support the special medical needs of our circus survivors. These cancers and nervous system problems we are seeing are all related to their lifelong malnutrition, poor physical development and suffering in the circus. Please donate here.

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